Why Partner with Cyber Finance

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of mental and financial health problems, which impacts the productivity and attendance of employees, it causes strife in their personal lives which affects their work performance.

As a solution, Cyber Finance can provide your employees with financial education and support needed to relieve the burden of financial stress. When employees feel at ease with their financial situation, they are happier, feel more balanced and are able to attain financial security which may create more focus in their work.

South Africa’s credit active consumers were described as over-indebted.

Are not able to pay their bills on time and have a negitive credit record.

SA consumers owe as much as three quarters of their monthly income to creditors.

Only 23% of consumers have any money left at the end of the month. The other 77% left flat broke at the end of the month.

Partnering with the right debt management company is essential to achieving financial freedom.

Cyber finance will help you to:

  • Consolidated your debt into one monthly payment.
  • Reduce your interest rate.
  • Protect your assets for repossession.
  • Clear and rehabilitate your credit record.