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Reduce your financial stress

As a leading financial services company, we can help reduce the stress related to debt through effective solutions.

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Financial advice & guidance

Our team of highly skilled professional are here to advice & guide you on the debt solutions available to you.

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Privacy & protection

We value the privacy and protection of all our client’s information. Visit our privacy policy for more.

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Our solutions

Debt Counselling

If you are struggling to settle your financial debts, talking to one of our financial advisers will help you find an effective solution that will not only benefit you financially, but help you come out from under overwhelming debt and achieve financial freedom.

Debt Consolidation

If you have many small accounts that need to be paid. Loan Consolidation will allow you to take out one loan to cover all of these smaller accounts and pay only one monthly installment towards your debt. 

Corporate Wellness

Improve the financial well being of your employees with a solution that is tailored solution. Protect your employees’ financial health with our Corporate Wellness Solutions.

Debt Restructuring

An alternative solution to debt review. Voluntary Debt Restructuring or VDR follows a similar approach as Debt review, but offers you access to needed credit facilities. VDR is a short-term solution for debt restructuring.


If you are insolvent – your assets are worth less than your personal debt – and you have enough equity in your estate to provide a minimum benefit, you may apply for a Sequestration Order. This process is referred to as voluntary sequestration.

Debt Management Advise

Do you need advice on managing your debt? Our highly skilled team have years of experience in financial guidance specializing in debt management and ways you can improve your financial situation through effective debt management.

Our mission

The ultimate goal of the Cyber Finance team is to help you:

  • Reduce your monthly debt repayments.

  • Protect your home and other valuable assets from repossession.

  • Improve your financial health through effective debt management solutions.

  • Attain financial freedom in the shortest time possible.

  • Break free from the stress of your debt.

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