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    Consolidate all your accounts into one reduced monthly installment

    Debt Consolidation is the process of combining all your current debt into one reduced monthly payment. Consolidation loans are just one of many financial services available out there to help people reduce and manage their debt.


    Combine all your debt into one more affordable payment.

    Lower Interest

    Reduce your total debt with lower interest rates.

    Better Cashflow

    With a more affordable monthly payment, you have more money available for the important things.

    No More Stress

    No more stress from creditors phoning you for payments.


    The answers to your most asked questions.

    In order to start the process, we need to do a full credit evaluation and debt assessment to see if you can qualify for a consolidation loan. Simply complete the form and one of our Financial specialists will contact you to start the process for you, No obligations required.

    In order to qualify for a debt consolidation, you will need to be employed and have more that one account with an outstanding balance of at least R 25000. We’ll work out what consolidation service you can qualify for in our assessment process.

    We will not share your information with any 3rd party. We value and respect your privacy, we will never send you any content that you do not want to receive. Your information will only be used for your application.

    We provide you with as much information as possible. You have full control over your decisions , you are not obligated to take any action or signup for any of our services. It is our mission to help you and provide you with the best advice that will benefit you.

    If you have many small accounts that need to be paid, you might be held responsible for repaying high interest and service fees. a Consolidation Loan will allow you to take out one loan to cover all of these smaller accounts and pay one monthly installment towards all these accounts.

    You will need to have the following at hand to insure a speedy assessment process. 1. You need a valid South African ID, 2. The amount you would like to apply for, 3. and general information at hand regarding your financial situation, Eg: total debt amount, monthly income.

    Our dedicated team of financial advisers are here to help you to the best of our ability. It is our mission to provide you with professional financial advice and guidance that is in your best interest. We are a strong national company that have helped thousands across South Africa to improve their financial situation and become debt free.

    We encourage everyone to request a call back. We will look at each individual situation and find a suitable solution that is in your best interest. We offer various option to consolidate your debt.

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