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    Combine all your debt into a single restructured payment

    Your debt can be less of a burden on your life! Our simple 5 step process insures that you get the best possible solution to improve your financial situation. At Cyber Finance, we have more that 20 years experience assisting South African consumers with exactly this. 

    Combined Repayment

    Combine all your debt into one more affordable monthly payment.

    Lower Interest

    We negotiate a lower interest rate on all your debt, saving you money in the long run.

    Better Cashflow

    With a more affordable monthly payment, you have more money available for the important things.

    No More Stress

    No more stress from creditors phoning you for payments.


    The answers to your most asked questions.

    In order to start the process, we need to do a full credit evaluation and debt level assessment. During this process our expert team will be able to give you insights and guidance into the best available financial solution to improve your debt according to the NCR guidelines.

    Cyber Finance is 100% compliant with the Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPI). We will not share your information with any 3rd party. We value and respect your privacy, we will never send you any content that you do not want to receive. Your information will only be used to complete your assessment.

    No! Our Debt Assessment is completely free of charge and you are also not obligated to accept any service that we recommend to you after the completion of the assessment process.

    A Consolidation Loan is a financial solution that can be used to combine your debt into one monthly installment. You will need to apply for a consolidation loan with an accredited financial services provider.

    You will need to have the following at hand to insure a speedy assessment process. 1. You need a valid South African ID number/passport number, 2. Your total monthly household income, 3. and general information at hand regarding your financial situation, Eg: total debt amount, monthly installments, interest rates

    Our dedicated team at Cyber Finance are here to help you to the best of our ability. It is our mission to provide you with professional Debt Counselling and guidance that is in your best interest. We are a strong national company that have helped thousands across South Africa to improve their financial situation and become debt free.

    We encourage everyone to get in touch with us. We will look at each individual situation and determine if we can possibly reduce your debt burden.

    Tackle Your Debt With The Best Solution Available

    Take the first step now!
    Awarded as Top Rated debt counsellor in South Africa.

    Debt-free in a few easy steps.

    Take the first step now!
    Awarded as Top Rated debt counsellor in South Africa.

    Debt-free in a few easy steps.