Solutions Our experienced team of financial experts are here to guide and advise you on finding a debt solution that will help you regain financial freedom.

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We work with ambitious professionals who want your future to be successful.


of our clients are debt free within 5 years


National Debt Management Solutions Provider


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Valuable assets protected from repossession
Our Debt Corporate solutions

Debt counselling

Find an effective solution to reduce and restructure your debt to improve your financial well-being.

Find a Solution that is best for you

Break free from your debt with the best financial solution available.
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Debt consolidation

Consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment.

Consolidate your debt today

We have a range of effective debt consolidation solutions available.
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Corporate wellness

Improve the financial health of your employees with a customisable solution.

Financial health for your employees

Protect your employee’s financial health with our Corporate Wellness Solutions.
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Debt restructuring

Break free from your debt with the best financial solution available.

Restructure and consolidate

Restructure and consolidate your debt with SA’s #1 debt management solution.
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Take control of your finances and become debt free.

Apply for sequestration

Apply for Voluntary Sequestration if you are insolvent.
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Debt Management Advice

Managing your debt correctly is a vital part of any households financial wellbeing.

Manage your debt

Regain financial freedom with effective debt management advice.
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Our Dedication to You We value your financial health!

We value your financial health! Our team of highly trained professionals will guide and assist you with any financial situation you may have. We pride ourselves on providing you with services that you can benefit from. We assess, investigate, discuss and find a solution that is in your best interest.

We believe in transparency in all our communications. We will provide you with all the information, the good and the bad. You can be assured that once you have completed our free financial assessment that you have a clear idea of the options and debt solutions available to you, including what will be good for your credit record and what won’t help your situation.

How can we help?

Budgeting Advice

Make sure you know how your monthly income is being spent. 

Becoming Credit Free

Following the right steps is vital to clearing your credit in the shortest time possible.

Loan Advice

Make an informed decision about applying for credit or personal loans.

Dealing with Creditors

Knowing how to correctly deal with your creditors and debt collectors can make life much easier.

Alternatives To Loans

More credit is never the solution, we can help explain the alternatives available to you.

Personal Financial Advice

Our expert financial advisers can give you guidance and advice on making good financial decisions.

Who We Are? Top 10 National Financial Solutions of 2019.

About Us

Cyber Finance is a leading financial solutions company, we offer a wide range of services to help you reduce and consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment through the solution that best suits your needs.

  • Consolidated your debt into one monthly payment.
  • Reduce your interest rate.
  • Protect your assets for repossession.
  • Clear and rehabilitate your credit record.

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Awarded as Top Rated debt counsellor in South Africa.

Debt-free in a few easy steps.

Take the first step now!
Awarded as Top Rated debt counsellor in South Africa.

Debt-free in a few easy steps.