The Effect of Debt Counselling on Your Family

By now you should have a better understanding of how debt counselling works. When making a decision to go under debt counselling, many people have asked: “How does debt counselling affect me?” The one question few asks, but that is just as important, is: “What effect could debt counselling have on my family?

The benefits of debt counselling are always mentioned, but very few times people discuss the impact that it has on other people and your way of life. In this article, we will discuss a question we receive more often than not.

What is the potential effect of debt counselling on my family?


1. The immediate effect of Debt Counselling on your Family.

During the early days when you and your debt counsellor are discussing the process of undergoing debt counselling, there isn’t that much of an immediate change. At this stage only a mind shift takes place.

As you discuss the benefits of debt counselling with your partner and family, you are attempting to adjust to this new mindset and also helping your family to be prepared for the changes that will take place during the process.

Never forget that the ultimate goal is to become debt free.

2. Lifestyle Changes.

Debt counselling is a powerful process and there are many reasons why it is so successful in rehabilitating and clearing your debt situation.

In our opinion, debt counselling is the most effective solution in helping you achieve financial security while instilling good habits that will last even after you have become debt free.

Debt counselling forces you and your family to re-look at your current spending habits and how to effectively use your available household income going forward.

Besides restructuring of your debt, your debt counsellor will also help you to restructure your existing budget, accommodating all aspects of your family’s financial needs. As a family, you will have worked towards becoming debt free together.

3. Spending Habits.

Prior to debt counselling, you had the perceived freedom of being able to spend more, because of credit availability.

While under debt counselling that is not the case. You have to enforce discipline as a family, ensuring that everyone only spends when it is necessary and to save as much as possible.

In order for you and your family to become debt free and enjoy the freedom of financial security again. Everyone needs to work together and have the right mindset.

Setting Family goals can help with this.

4. A happy family.

Here at Cyber Finance, we believe in the positive effect of debt counselling on your family and you. We understand that creditors constantly calling you can put a drain on you. This also has a negative effect on your family. How you and your family approach debt counselling is so important. If you have a positive outlook, your family will also remain positive at the end of the day.

As your debt counsellor, we will deal with any additional request your creditors might have. This will allow you to focus on implementing your adjusted family budget. You and your family can then concentrate on the important things in life, being happy together and planning for the future.

5. Additional budget changes.

As mentioned before, you and your debt counsellor will restructure your budget to be as effective as possible. Ensuring that it covers all your living needs.

It is important to note that your budget is not written in stone.

There might be unforeseen expenses that you did not plan for. As a family you will have to discuss the fact that in some instances you might even have to do without it. Identifying non-essential expenses beforehand will help you make changes to your budget when your circumstances change.


At the end of the day, debt counselling can be seen as a way of rebuilding your financial security. Being able to bring your family closer together and standing strong is what it is all about. Your family is there to support and to encourage each other. To work through tough times and building a future together.

Always discuss debt counselling as a family. Learning as a family how to be financially smart and how to make smart financial decisions in the future can be quit rewarding. Debt counselling is a chance to right the wrongs of the past. We are only human and sometimes make mistakes. Make progress as a family possible and make the first step by contacting an Accredited Debt Counsellor. Contact us today for a Free Assessment. Becoming debt free is not hard. Financial freedom is within your grasp.

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