Best SA Personal Finance Blogs to Follow 

Cyber Finance is here to help you get ahead of your debt by providing you with the resources that will show you how to cleverly manage your personal wealth. Personal finance management isn’t just about learning how to budget for a rainy day; it’s about developing the knowledge that will get you to your goals of financial freedom and independence. 

The best way to learn is to read and listen to other people’s experiences — what worked for them and what didn’t; how did they overcome their financial difficulties, or how are they managing them at present? You always learn from your mistakes, but you can also learn from someone else’s! 

Here’s a list of the top five best personal wealth blogs in South Africa: 

Take Charge of Your Money

Offering a holistic approach to financial planning, Take Charge of Your Money makes sure to cover a wide range of topics related to personal finance. From financial health, to best ways save on insurance, Take Charge of Your Money aims to equip you with broad-spectrum knowledge on how to deal with your finances. Whether you’re struggling with debt or seeking to gain financial independence within a few years, this personal finance blog will have something to help you. 

Some top articles include How to Pay Yourself First; a How-To that helps you save a fixed amount every month. Deal with Lockdown Debt also provides you with a compassionate guide on how to cope with the consequences of the national lockdown. People in every sector of the economy were hard-hit by the coronavirus and some of us didn’t come out of the lockdown feeling in control of our personal finance. This informative piece gives you a step-by-step breakdown on how to rebuild. 

Woman & Finance

Founded my Mapalo Makhu, published author of You’re not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich, Women & Finance is a platform that aims to inspire and educate women to become more financially savvy and independent. Equipped with services ranging from personal finance coaching to workshops and webinars, Mapalo really tries to make sure her readers have all the resources they need to get financially stable and on their feet. She also has a treasure trove of podcast episodes covering a broad range of topics, from conversations with prominent women in the industry, to more personal thoughts on how to manage one’s finances.


A state-of-the-art budgeting app, 22seven provides you with the tools to effectively track all of your finances so that you can budget effectively. Along with their mobile app features, 22seven run a very informative blog where they provide practical, hands-on advice for people just starting out on their financial management journey. Everyday questions and queries are addressed. For example, their series comparing the cheapest banks in South Africa gives you everyday tips that will save you money when banking. Articles like How to Get a Tax Number and Claiming Tax Deductions While Working from Home help you gain confidence in your understanding on, not only your personal finances, but the financial industry as a whole. Pair your reading with their easy-to-use mobile budgeting app, and you will gain control over your finances in no time. 


A personal finance blog tracking the journey to early retirement and financial freedom, StealthyWealthy provides an in-depth account of what it looks like to work towards achieving financial independence and freedom. Offering free and downloadable Excel spreadsheets that help you calculate everything from Home Loans to the benefits of Onshore vs Offshore investments, this personal finance blog really gives you a behind-the-scenes look of what goes into personal wealth management. 

Tax Tim 

The best easy-to-use tool for understanding your taxes. Tax Tim has simple tax calculators, for both personal and business use, that help you easily calculate all of your taxes, from salary tax and income tax to capital gains and lease premiums.

Different monthly packages are on offer providing help with filing your tax returns. Ranging from simple packages for monthly income, to more comprehensive tax returns for commission, independent contractors, sole prop and rental/foreign income earners. Tax Tim equips the lay person with the tools to be in control and aware of their taxes. There is no need to be scared of doing your taxes anymore, Tax Tim has your back!

Cyber Finance encourages you to take control of your personal finances by utilizing the wealth of knowledge that’s available at your fingertips. Start taking stock of your finances by talking to one of our Cyber Finance’s debt specialists today. 

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